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I've really underutilized how much airdans hiss in this comic. Jack will remedy that.
Posted by Fairy.Fort on 24th Jan 2021, 1:44 PM. Edit Delete Reply

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Posted by Perpetuallybefuddled on 24th Jan 2021, 4:15 PM. Edit Delete Reply

Very hissy people
Posted by Fairy.Fort on 24th Jan 2021, 4:42 PM. Edit Delete Reply

Hissing! Fuck yeah!!
Posted by HTE on 25th Jan 2021, 1:46 AM. Edit Delete Reply

...I might be Airdan then...I've been known to hiss a lot at people.
Posted by Aiyse on 25th Jan 2021, 2:26 PM. Edit Delete Reply

I have never more wanted to see catboy Jack o.o
Posted by Tonya on 26th Jan 2021, 11:57 AM. Edit Delete Reply
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